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Travel Blogging Made Simpler With Tipter’s Blogging Interface

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Tipter’s blogging interface is one of the features we like most about the app, and we want to tell you what makes it so special. You are probably familiar with today’s popular blogging systems. Many of them are built on WordPress or a similar software. We have no problem with WordPress, but we believe that it has some flaws that hurt the functionality of your blog. For instance, we aren’t a fan of the “Preview” button. We believe that, when you edit your blog, you should be able to see the content change in real time. Why should you have to guess how your blog is going to look before you publish it? Why should you have to troubleshoot issues, because you can’t edit your page and see the final product at the same time?

We don’t know the answer to these questions, so we decided to simplify the process for you.

With Tipter, you don’t have to guess. Your text will look exactly as it did on the edit screen – mainly because you edit and publish in the same window. Just open a new tip, write a recommendation or share a story, and click outside the tip’s window. Tipter will save your text automatically, and it will look exactly as it did when editing. Want to add, change, or delete something? No problem at all. Just click on the tip itself and the edit bar will appear on the top of the window. Edit to your heart’s desire, click outside the window, and your tip is automatically updated.

And of course, you can add a picture with the photo button use bold, italic or underline fonts, make a list, align the text left, right, or to the middle, and use any of the other features on the edit bar. You can also choose a subject for the tip – food, sightseeing, camping, nightlife, and many other options.

Choosing a subject for your tip will help other users look for it and help you get some Karma on the site’s rating system. But, that’s a matter for the next post on Tipter’s blog.